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  Frequently Asked Questions


How can Conway Title help me?

Conway Title is a full service title and escrow company, with the most experienced staff in Northeast Ohio, capable of guiding the buyer and seller through the closing process efficiently and professionally.


I  am selling my home through a realtor, can i still use Conway Title?

Absolutely. The title company is selected by the buyer and seller and specifically named in the contract. Realtors, lenders and title agent work together as a team to close the transaction based on the sales agreement.


What do I need to sell a house?

1. Purchase Agreement

- must be signed by buyer and seller with the earnest money down as a consideration

- oral agreement not legally enforceable

- you don’t need  witnesses

- closing costs follow custom of the region splitting fees for escrow and title insurance, with seller paying transfer tax and title exam, while buyer pays recording fees and anything connected with financing


2. Residential Disclosure Form

- required by state law on residential sales

- protects seller against suit(s) for latent defects

- must be signed by buyer(s) and seller(s)


3. Lead based paint disclosure

- required by federal law

- only for homes built before 1978


    If you have any questions in the real estate process please call us at (440) 352 0651














At Conway Land Title Company (CLTC), we’re committed to providing a world class experience for each of our valued customers.  Should you have a bad experience in any area or at any time, then we want to hear from you.  We have a detailed Customer Complaints procedure in place in order to deal with any concerns that you, the customer, may have.


In order to address your concerns, we have a variety of options available for you to make a complaint.  You may avail of any of the options:


•EMAIL:  send to, entitle the subject line of the email “Customer Complaint” and then provide a short, but detailed description of the issue and/or problem which you encountered.


•PHONE:  call CLTC on 440-352-0651 and speak to any member of staff.  Simply explain that you had a bad experience with your transaction and you would like to make a complaint.  The member of staff will collect your details, including a short description of what the complaint is, and pass the information onto our Customer Complaints Department, who will then contact you in due course to discuss further.


•WRITTEN NOTE/LETTER:  simply pick up a “Customer Complaint Form” at our office, fill in all the require details, and then pass it onto any employee, who will pass it onto our Customer Complaints Department.  The Customer Complaints Department will then contact you in due course to discuss further.


•VERBALLY IN-PERSON:  you may also raise any concerns that you have at any stage during a private meeting with a CLTC employee.  We would strongly encourage all customers to raise any concerns they have with a member of staff as they arise so that we can deal with it immediately and allay any concerns.



All complaints should include the following:


•Full name of customer

•Phone number


•Email address (if possible)

•Date of incident (if possible)

•CLTC employee(s) dealt with

•Nature of transaction

•File number (if possible)



We would strongly encourage all customers to raise any concerns or issues they have with a member of staff as they arise.  By doing this, it allows CLTC to address the issue there and then and to remove any concerns that you may have.  However, if this is not possible or your are not satisfied with the response, we have established the various options above, in order for you to receive the best possible service available.

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